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ISFAP transformed my life tremendously

November 19, 2019

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Author: Tetelo Benedict Letsoalo, University of Pretoria

I remember the first time I got the email from Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Program (ISFAP) like it was yesterday. The joy I had in me for finally getting a financial aid that will help me with my tuitions because it’s not an easy road to go through if you don’t have any financial assistance. I’m thankful that I don’t have to worry about my tuition fees which gives me time to focus on my studies without any distractions. Thank you for your continued support and investing in my future

Since I’ve been with ISFAP, my life has transformed tremendously. I met interesting people who shared with me their journeys on how they’ve managed to get through university. They shared with me the things that motivated them, and this was very eye opening. We have weekly workshops where we get motivated to work harder and we are given tips on how to survive university, not forgetting the tutors and mentors helped us get through the most.

 As I’m currently in third year going for final year, I’ve been granted the opportunity to mentor and tutor first year students, and believe me, it’s a beautiful thing to do especially for someone like me who loves giving back. Having the experience, it was easy for me to work with other students and be able to meet them halfway with their problems.

 As a Mechanical Engineering student, we are required to do vacation work in our third and fourth years of study. Finding vacation work is not easy as the engineering companies only allow students whom they are sponsoring to do vacation work with them.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Marali, our Project Manager who always makes sure we have everything on time. She’s like our mother here in the university.

My request to ISFAP and the various Donors is that, please help us in finding engineering companies that would see the benefits of having us at their companies and helping us to get a job after our graduation and be a good product from ISFAP.

ISFAP - the Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme - was established to assist poor and 'missing' middle income university students in selected fields of study to afford the university fees by means of providing financial aid provided the candidate meets certain prescribed requirements.
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